Volleyball Program


Workout for Volleyball

Volleyball strength training and workout design

A workout for volleyball must contain strength training. Like almost all sports, strength is a vital component to being successful in volleyball.

Develop Joint Flexibility

A workout for volleyball needs to include flexibility training. Most volleyball strength training exercises should use the entire range of motion of major joints, especially the hips, shoulders, knees, and ankles.

Develop Core Strength

The abdominals and back muscles surround the core area of the body. Many times injuries could have been prevented just by strengthening the abs and low back.


Warm up - treadmill 5 minutes - brisk walk/light jog

Core: 1 set / 20-25 reps

1) stability ball sit ups
2) hanging knee raises

3) abs machine

Exercises: 1 set / 12-15 reps - should need help on last rep

1) squat or variation
2) deadlift
3) hamstring curl
4) leg press
5) abductor machine
6) stiff leg deadlift
7) adductor machine
Cool step up w/ dumbbell

9) calf raise



Warm up - jump rope 5 minutes - vary footwork and speed

Rotator cuff warm up: internal / external rotation - dumbbell or resistance tube

Core: 1 set/ 20-25 reps - medicine ball

1) moving chest pass

2) twists (back to back with partner)

Exercises: 1 set/12-15 reps - should need help on last rep

1) military press/dumbbell press
2) lat pulldown
3) incline press
4) pullover
5) bench press
6) seated row
7) decline press
Cool rear delt dumbbell raise

9) dips


Warm up - elliptical machine - 5 minutes

Core: hold each 1 minute

1) leg lifts
2) plank

3) plank w/ stability ball

Exercises: Sets vary depending on exercise

1) Box jumps

- two different heights (heights will vary depending on athletic ability)

- 1 minute each (continuous)

- work up to weight vest or dumbbells

2) one-legged squat w/ medicine ball - 2 sets of 12-15

3) hamstring curl - 2 sets 15-20 reps

4) smith machine reverse lunges - 2 sets 12-15 reps

Day 4 (FRIDAY)

Warm up- treadmill 5 minutes - brisk walk / light jog

Exercises: 1 set / 12-15 reps/ 30 sec sprint on treadmill

- if possible, have a partner help set up next exercise for maximum metabolic training.

1) dumbbell shoulder press
2) incline dumbbell press
3) dumbbell lateral shoulder raise
4) bench press
5) pullover
6) pull ups (machine or natural)
7) rear delt raise -
9) tricep press

-Dylan Hickey- FWG Employee

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