Tiger Woods Workout Routine


Here is Tiger Woods' Breakdown of a typical day.

6:30 a.m. - One hour of cardio. Choice between endurance runs, sprints or biking.

7:30 a.m. - One hour of lower weight training. 60-70 percent of normal lifting weight, high reps and multiple sets.

8:30 a.m. - High protein/low-fat breakfast. Typically includes egg-white omelet with vegetables.

9:00 a.m. - Two hours on the golf course. Hit on the range and work on swing.

11:00 a.m. - Practice putting for 30 minutes to an hour.

Noon - Play nine holes.

1:30 p.m. - High protein/low-fat lunch. Typically includes grilled chicken or fish, salad and vegetables.

2:00 p.m. - Three-to-four hours on the golf course. Work on swing, short game and occasionally play another nine holes.

6:30 p.m. - 30 minutes of upper weight training. High reps.

7:00 p.m. - Dinner and rest.

Tiger Woods’ workout regimen at gym;

1) Cardiovascular warm-up exercise (30 minutes) including treadmill, stair stepper or bike.

2) Total body stretching focusing on the muscles of the legs and trunk. A trainer assists him with physical therapy to help his body to prepare the joints for the rigors of swinging a golf club.

3) Core exercises (focusing in posture and balance)
These exercises are performed to strengthen the muscles that stabilize his body. Core training involves keeping the torso in place while taking his limbs through different movements. This workout helps to improve the muscles of the abdomen and back. These muscles are the key muscles needed for the twisting the body withstands during the golf swing. For example, Woods may sit on the medicine ball and perform dumbbell curl while trying to maintain his balance on the ball. He may also anchors long rubber bands to fixed positions and performs movements similar to the golf swing.

4) Endurance runs of seven miles (11 kilometers) and speed runs of three miles (five kilometers)

5) Weight training
Now, this is the most interesting part. On high-intensity days, he lifts 80 percent of his maximum weight doing exercises such as the bench press, the shoulder press and squats.

Keith Kleven did not disclose how much weight Woods is doing, but rumor said that Woods was bench pressing about 300 pounds (about 136 kilogram). Many doubt so. Yes, I do not think that he ever did that. Even if he does, he should not do it often. That load would put his shoulder joint at the risk of getting injured. Not a risk he is willing to take that might ruin his career.

Tiger Woods trains with weight machines, free weights, dumbbells and medicine balls. However, what Woods does differently from a typical weight lifter is that he tries to perform various exercises in movements and positions that mimic the golf swing. He works on his golf posture and grip strength by lifting dumbbells. Since the golf swing is a very dynamic movement, I suspect that most of Woods’ exercises are done that way and not just sitting doing isolation exercise for individual muscles.

Tiger Woods said that he does not have any ego in the gym. He believes that it is important to listen to his body when comes to pushing weight. Therefore, he never hurt himself by taking too much load. It is no surprise that he opts for high repetitions with smaller weights. These workouts include leg-press (with machine) and biceps-curl (with machine too) nowadays.

5) Cool down
Woods stretches again to cool down.

Some people are saying that Tiger Woods is taking steroid to be that muscular. May be these people just refuse to believe that the world richest golfer is working at gym hard to be in shape.

I do not play golf. Not a fan of Tiger Woods either. However, let’s agree that Tiger Woods is a champion. I hope that we can learn from a champion and not to discount his achievement by accusing him taking steroid. In fact, his physique is attainable by almost everyone, provided we work out like him consistently.

Some people also said that, “Hey, we all can build a physique like Tiger’s. Not that tough.” Yes. However, bear in mind that Tiger Woods is already 31 years old and to maintain the smooth range of motion on his swing while gaining that strength and mass, is just impressive. Don’t you agree?

Physical fitness is always a huge advantage in any sport. The fitter you are, the better you are in winning the games. So, the next time you see Woods winning another trophy, just remember that this guy trains hard at gym too. As he said, “I bust my butt to stay in shape.”



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In one of the only sports where overweight people can actually compete at the highest level and experience great success, Tiger leaves nothing to chance. He uses his fitness to give himself a competitive edge. Tiger Woods’ workout routine consists of cardio, strength training, and flexibility training. Not to mention his diet is pretty spot on.

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Just like his cardio, Tiger

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Just like his cardio, Tiger utilizes a variety of strength training methods. He performs traditional weightlifting, body resistance exercises, and isometric training. He also incorporates a good amount of flexibility training into his routine. Sometimes, he will stretch for as long as 40 minutes prior to working out. He does this to help improve his balance and posture which are both essential fundamentals of the golf swing. Once again, the idea is to train for functionality.

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