P90x Shoulders and Arms


The set up of this workout is geared more towards working the targeted areas in short, 2-round bursts, rather than the longer sustained sets of exercises in some of the other workouts. The Shoulder and Arm routine is broken down into five 3-set sections, with each set containing an exercise for your shoulders, your biceps, and your triceps. What really rocks, however, is that many of the movements target more than one muscle group, and that extra bit of intensity makes a huge difference compared to doing more standard exercises.


Alternating Shoulder Press
In & Out Bicep Curls
Two-arm Tricep Kickbacks
Deep Swimmer’s Press
Full Supination Concentration Curls
Chair Dips
Upright Row
Static Arm Curls
Flip-Grip Twist Tricep Kickbacks
Two-angle Shoulder Flyes
Crouching Cohen Curls
Lying-down Tricep Extensions
In & Out Straight-arm Shoulder Flyes
Congdon Curls
and Side Tri-Rises

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In & Out Bicep Curls
Two-arm Tricep Kickbacks
Deep Swimmer’s Press
Full Supination Concentration Curls
Chair Dips
Upright Row
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These exercises are basically remedial, or for older exercisers. Keep in mind, though, that the hands and wrists really don't get enough attention in strength training - if you spend a lot of time on the computer (and if you're reading this, there's a good chance you do), you want to give these small but crucial muscles some attention.

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This fun, fast-paced workout takes you through exercises concentration on the shoulders, heraldry and chest. The exercises are finished in a racecourse split, winning you from move to act without protracted set periods. This saves you moment and makes the workout fly by.


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