Interview: David Lee Perez & his amazing Body Transformation

David Lee Perez

Recently Free Workout Guides has had a chance to interview David Lee Perez. David has recently gone through a total body transformation. In the interview we discus his training routine, dieting, motivation, and much more.

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David Lee Perez

Height: 5' 11"

Before Stats

Before Weight: 202lbs
Before Weight: 14% bodyfat

Before Photo

After Stats

After Weight: 174lbs
After Weight: 5.9% bodyfat

After Photo


FWG: Congratulations on your transformation. How do you feel?

David: Thank You! I feel awesome ! It's the best feeling when you accomplish a goal that you set forth and achieve it.

FWG: I know it took a lot of discipline and hard work to achieve your current condition. How did you get started with bodybuilding?

David: I have actually got started around 2000 going to the gym and training myself and with other's off and on but i really didn't start taken the gym more serious till about 2008 that's when i actually started to go the gym on a regular basis 5 days week about 1 hr to 1 hr:30 min each day. I really started to get motivated about going to the gym and didn't want to miss any days. I was hooked ! I was training and making effort but was not seeing the results that i wanted. I was walking around 200 Lbs plus and lifting heavy and seen myself make some progress but actually my diet was not as good as it is today. I would say that my diet has made such a huge impact on my fitness training that it's changed my outlook about what i eat and when i eat it. I use just get away with eating certain foods and not making the right decisions on my diet but that has changed now.

FWG: Have you met your fitness goals you set at the beginning? Are there any future goals you've set that you can share with us.

David: I have met some of my goals and feel i still have room for improvement and have not reach my full potential. My feeling is that once you have achieve certain goals you should not get to comfortable and feel like it's over. It's feels great to accomplish what you set forth, but you have to look for ways to improve in some way.

Yes my future goals are to get the opportunity get some work as a fitness model and get the opportunity to land some cover's at some point but the big picture for me is get in as many fitness magazines as possible and other projects and get my name and face out there so everyone knows who i am. I would also like to help others as well and motivate them to reach there goals.

FWG: So what is the fitness training routine that you use to reach your goals?

David: I train doing supersets ! You burn more calories this way and able to see results faster. Little as 60 secs or no rest in between each set. I do about 4 sets for each exercises 12-15 reps and sometimes i push myself and go for 20 reps. 5 days a week strength training 1 hr-1hr:30 min then Cardio 45 mins -1 hr 5 days a week.

FWG: What are you favorite exercises? Pick your top 3 and tell us why.

David: I like working Biceps, Chest, Back. I feel like when it get that rush when i am working these body parts especially biceps i think that is my favorite of all the them.

FWG: When trying to cut down do you prefer to use HIIT or just normal cardio?

David: Normal Cardio!

FWG: What is your Diet like?

David: My diet is real clean ! 6 meals each day. i eat a meal every 2 1/2 or 3hrs ! One cheat day a week usually Sunday for me. Start off the day with Egg Whites, Oatmeal, Fruit in the morining and then my in between meal is 1 cup of veggies then Lunch : Skinless Grill Chicken Breast 2 cups of salad greens 1 slice of wheat bread. I have two protein drinks each day one before the gym and one before 30-45 before bedtime, and I also incorporate sweet potatoe in my last meal of the day. I will adjust my diet based on what i am trying to do and my add or subtract some items.

FWG: Are there any nutritional supplements you find useful? If so what ones do you take?

David: As Far as supplements go I really like Dymatize Nutrition Elite Whey its gotta be one the best proteins out there for your money and its low in calories and high in protein. Preworkout i have been using Jack3d to help get through the grinding of 2 plus hrs in the gym and i have also started to use a Appetite SBL Lean by Smith-Bryant Labs for the late night cravings its works really great , I have been really good about having self control but when i know i am getting hungry i take this.

FWG: Do you workout with music?

David: Yes i have to have my I-pod because it gets me going.

FWG: Do you have a training partner?

David: No Training Partner

FWG: Who has inspired you as a fitness model, bodybuilder or athlete?

David: My Parents, Arnold , Drew Brees, Lebron James, George St Pierre

As a Fitness Model is would say hands down Obi Obadike he has made a huge impact on the fitness indusrty and he knows what he is talking about. I would consider him the top fitness model in the industry along with Greg Plitt which says alot. He is very nice and cool person and he is someone i view as mentor for myself and couldn't have asked for a better person to learn from.

FWG: Favorite Quote?

David: Make a impact on your life!

FWG: Thanks for sharing your transformation with our readers David! Is there anything else you would like to add?

David: Yes i want thank my family and friends that i have been supporting me with my fitness goals. I want to give special thanks to Obi Obadike with all his support. I want to also thank photographer Chaz with for his assistance as well making feel very comfortable in front of the camera and getting some great shots.

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