Golf In-Season Program


Description: Maintain levels achieved during the off-season program

Workout Data

Days Per Week: 2
Main Workout Goal: Build Muscle
Workout Type: Full Body
Average Number Of Exercises Per Workout: 6.0
Average Number Of Sets Per Workout: 11.0

Back extensions - 10 Reps
Crunches - 20 Reps
Seated Barbell Twists - 20 Reps
Lat Pull Downs - 10 Reps
Kneeling Tricep Extension - 10 Reps
Later Shoulder Raises- 10 reps
Leg Press- 10 Reps
Wrist Curls - 20 Reps

*Note: Legs are important muscle group to work in Golf, the power and stability of the swing generates from the feet up.

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