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Good carbs or bad carbs?

This is a great discussion on the Glycemic Index.

Now your probably wondering what is the Glycemic Index and how does it affect me?

Read this:
The glycemic index came about as a result of trying to determine how different foods impact your blood sugar levels. The more impact the food has, the higher it is on the glycemic index. For example white bread has a GE of around 70, and oat raison bread (whole grain) has a GE of around 47. jelly beans are around 80, while cherries come in at a low 22. What does all that really mean to you?

If you eat foods that quickly elevate your blood sugar, you may experience a sugar rush; you will then have a crash due to the roller coaster effect of that high. You will also become hungrier more quickly. Food with a low GE will not have that effect. The impact on your blood sugar level is minimal. This stability in your blood sugar levels results in a feeling of satisfaction for longer periods of time. In other words, the low GE foods are more filling and won’t cause more food cravings.

How could this affect your health? Less cravings means you will be eating less and thus consuming less calories. (Did I mention that most foods low on the GE have less calories, in addition to the other positive factors?) The obvious effect of consuming less calories is that over time, all other factors remaining constant, you will lose weight.

- Robert E. Britt

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