Fullbody Challenge Workout


The Fullbody Blitz workout. Builds a strong all around powerful body. A ideality of this workout is that it bulks up the arms slightly more-so than the other sectors of the body.

Flat Bench Press 4 sets
Vertical Bench Press 2 sets
Dumbell Flyes 2 sets

Deadlift 3 sets
Lat Pull down 3 sets
Seated Cable Row 2 sets

Standing Barbell Curls 3 sets
Preacher Curls (with dumbells) 1 set

Tricep Press down 2 sets
Dips (weighted) 2 sets

Squats 4 sets
Leg Extension 2 sets
Leg Curl 2 sets
Seated/Standing Calve Raises 5 sets total (2 or 3 sets each way)

Seated Military Press (with dumbells) 4 sets
Lateral Raises 3 sets
Shrugs 3 sets

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This is a long workout, I

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This is a long workout, I would recommend eating a power snack before you perform legs and shoulders to help get you through

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