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The Shoulders | Deltoids Free Workout Plan Program Routine

1. Push Press
Sets: 4 Reps: 6
Notes: Push yourself very hard.

2. Machine Military Press (Shoulder Press)

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Swimming. A Total Body Workout


Most men have a tendency to turn to the treadmill or the bike for their cardiovascular workout if they aren't already getting it from sports such as football or basketball.

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Basic Terms & What to do for Beginners


What is a Set and a Rep?
A rep is the number of times you perform an exercise before a rest period.
A set is the number of cycles of reps that you complete.

How Many Sets should I do?
Research shows that a beginner can get the same benefits from doing one set then a beginner doing three or four. The reason for this is because muscles respond quickly to resistance exercise in untrained individuals. However, after about three months, individuals will become less responsive and multiple sets (three to five sets) will become necessary.

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300 Workout


300 Workout

Hi all, I'm sure a lot of you have all heard of the popular 300 workout.

The 300 Workout:

* Pullups - 25 reps
* Deadlifts with 135lbs - 50 reps
* Pushups - 50 reps

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5-Day Split Basic Program- Beginners

# 5-Day Weight Training Routine { Basic Level Training }

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Advanced Crossfit Training

Dunbell Overhead Thrust

Crossfit Training Advanced workout is high intensity and will build noticable muscle results in less than 3 weeks. Cross Fit Advanced Training focuses on building a well-rounded, fullbody workout with maximum strength and power benefits.

20 Pullups
20 Dumbell Thrusters (Squat with Shoulder Press)
20 Overhead Squats (Lift bar over head squat down and come up still holding bar over head)
10 Dumbell (Kettlebell) Snatches (Squat then pull weight all the way up)
2 mintues standing spinning on a bike, maximum intensity

Rest 3 minutes. Repeat Circuit 3 times.


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Workout Routine for a Strong Toned Back

Strong Toned Back
Hey guys, hope you enjoyed our last video, here's a great one that shows a few different back exercises that are great to give you that sexy toned back.

Once again Dylan demonstrates how to do these workouts.

If you guys want to share a few of your own videos up on our website just send us a link or e-mail.
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Rock Climbing Guide


My interest with rock climbing began when I decided I needed a good back and bicep workout. I went rock climbing and when I left my whole body too a shock. I felt great and decided it was worth a membership. Here is a program you can do at the gym to get a great body and help you a tone for rock climbing.

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Razor Sharp Training!


Razor Sharp Training is Intense Training that pushes your muscles to fatigue.

Perform this workout Mon Wed Fri. (3 times a week for max results)

This workout builds a stable core and rips the body within 3 weeks of solid commitment and proper eating.

Try this workout. If you have any questions remember to e-mail your two personal trainers;

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TROY Workout


The epic workout

In order for Brad Pitt to get ready for the role in the movie Troy, He dropped cigarettes and sharply cut back on beer and chips, although he did allow himself the occasional treat: McFlurry shakes from McDonald’s, “though it was more for a little taste of home, you know, a little Americana.”

Brad used a low-carb, high-protein diet during the training for his role. Physically, Pitt prepared for the role with a year of intense training. “The first three months were daunting and not fun at all.” His days included two to three hours in the gym, two additional hours of sword work and four high-protein, low-carb meals. As a result, he gained about 10 pounds of brawn.

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Fullbody Challenge Workout


The Fullbody Blitz workout. Builds a strong all around powerful body. A ideality of this workout is that it bulks up the arms slightly more-so than the other sectors of the body.


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Biceps Workout

Bigger Biceps

Biceps can help everyone in many ways. They don't only look good but they can increase your strength dramatically as well.

The best way to build biceps are not heavy often mistake by many beginning body builders. The best way to build your biceps are to use comfortable weights. What this means is that your not using other muscles to help lift your weight. Your biceps are solely lifting they wait by itself.

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This workout is in fact a superset, that is extremely fatiguing.

What Does Med-Con Stand For?

Metabolic Conditioning.

What does this workout do?

It depletes all glucose stores from the body, immediately increasing fat burn.

It requires you to use your max testosterone output. The benefits of this is during recovery your overall testosterone will increase.

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A Jamie Eason Body

Jamie Eason_sexy woman.jpg

Hey Ladies if you are looking to push yourself in the gym and change your body this is the program for you.

Beautiful stomach curves
Strong Thighs
Sexy Calfs
Amazing posture

This is a Total body workout, going to the gym every second day, shown below

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John Cena Workout Routine and Nutrition


DAY 1 legs & calves:

Seated calf raises 10 x 20-10
standing weightless calf raises 4 x 25
standing single-leg curls 4 x 20-25
leg presses 5 x 20
leg ext 4 x 15
squats 4 x 10
hack squats 3 x 15
supersetted with:
single-leg ext 3 x 10

DAY 2 chest

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Bigger Arms faster!

Bigger Arms

Many Men today wish to achieve "Bigger" arms, and thus they believe they must work their biceps like crazy!.... Well I hate to tell you that working your biceps will do little to improve your arm's mass & size.

Working the Triceps are the best way to build up your arms fast.

How will triceps enhance your arms?

1) They help support your biceps.
2) They are made up of 3 different muscles, so your now packing on some more meat.
3) They look really good!

So what's a good routine for triceps?

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Why Should I Work My Calfs!?


I think a large reason why men feel pain in their knee joints is because of underdeveloped calfs. With such a heavy upper body the lower body is forced to move alot more weight than average proportions... I think strengthening and stretching the Calfs will make a world of a difference...

If you’re like a number of men out there, one muscle you likely struggle with is the calf muscle. Most men will state that one of their training and fitness goals is building bigger calves since they’ve put in a lot of work to develop powerful legs, but yet this lower leg muscle is still lagging behind.

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5 day Split


Advanced bodybuilder workout suited to advanced lifters with at least 1 years lifting experience. Are you looking to step your training up a notch and pack on some serious muscle?

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Check out



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Crixus Workout


Manu Bennetts Workout

10 Minute Slow Jog Treadmill
5 Minutes Treadmill Interal 30 second sprint 30 second recovery

Pull-ups 15 reps

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Parkour Exercises



Free Running is basically a sport consisting of efficient acrobatic movements in a normal urban environment. One basic attribute is getting to one's destination in a unique and direct way. For example, instead of walking around a city block, Free Runners would go straight through the middle using common obstacles to their advantage. The way one overcomes these obstacles is a huge part of Free Running. Anyone can walk down stairs or climb over a wall, but the ability to do these things in the most efficient way possible is the key idea in this sport. As tricks and techniques are learned, new paths become available and the precision of one's movements increases.

Parkour is another term for the sport, which involves minor differences. The main difference is that flips and certain specific tricks are not practiced in Parkour, but are included in the sport of Free Running. Because flips are believed to be less efficient, they do not play a role in Parkour, in which the goal is oriented around precision and efficiency. I both agree and disagree because I find that doing flips in the right situations can, in fact, be the quickest path to reach my destination.. Another difference is that Parkour is typically non-competitive. Those who practice Parkour believe that competition will contradict the ideals they hold, making the sport a big 'race to the finish' instead of something one enjoys doing with friends who share a passion for the sport.

Parkour is one of the fastest growing forms of exercise right now, and it was originally introduced by the French. With the aim to get from one place to another with precise movements that have the utmost efficiency with regards to both time and energy expended, it requires large physical demands by the body to perform these exercises correctly. Parkour has gradually been introduced into pop culture through appearances in movies, music videos, TV shows, video games, and finally in literature. A few examples where it can be seen are in the James Bond movie, Casino Royal, in one of Tony Hawk's skateboard video games and in Splinter Cell.

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Points to consider


This guide is for people who are new to working out.

There are some simple things people use to get started; some of these are the FITT and SMART principals.

FITT stands for:

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10 Minute power workout

10 minute power workout

Hey guys here's another video from Dylan. I'm working on getting more and more videos up on the site and on youtube ( If you have any videos of yourself / training be sure to send me a link or upload it to the site.

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Need Bigger Arms? Try this Arm Workout.


To get big arms you need to work your biceps and triceps separately, other than just using them to assist in chest, back and shoulder exercises.

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Workout Hard - Nathen Curlett (the new hitman) 2 Day Split


Two Days on, One day Rest. -Everything is a super set

This program WILL do the following;

1. Pack on lean muscle mass
2. Proportion the body
3. Bulk the shoulders

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pull ups

Tempo in the gym will make even the easiest exercises seem extremely difficult.

Tempo is usually shown by 4 numbers for example 3110 or 1130.

What does this mean?

Each number is the length of time in seconds you will spend at a specific phase of a lift. The meaning of a number in a certain position varies depending on the lift, as different lifts begin in different phases.

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Taylor Launter Workout


“I was in the gym five days a week, two hours a day,” Taylor Lautner says in the August issue of Interview
magazine. “At one point, I was going seven days straight. I had put on a lot of weight, and then I started losing it drastically, so I was worried. It turned out I was overworking myself,” he said. “My trainer told me that I couldn’t break a sweat, because I was burning more calories than I was putting on.”

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Advanced Ball Workout


Advanced Ball Workout

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Back to the Gym Workout


This workout is designed as a circuit... jumping from one machine to the next getting a full body workout. It is performed in a 3 sets of 15 per machine to re-tone the body and create a layer of lean muscle to prepare for more advanced programs 2 weeks down the road;

Start with a 15 minute warm-up on a bike or treadmill.

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150 Repitition Workout guide


If the 300 workout is too difficult. This workout is a perfect way to start.

Appropriate exercises can be subbed in: Drop down to 150 total reps, or 4-6 exercises of 15-25 reps each. For example, you might try this workout, great for a guy with moderate fitness:

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Split Routine 5 Sets- 5 Reps- Build Muscle!


Split Routine

Monday & Thursday

A-1: barbell bench press
A-2: bent over row
B-1: barbell curl 2x5
B-2: skull crusher or triceps pushdown 2x5

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Two Killer Workout Finishers!


OKAY, so Monday I performed an upperbody split routine and ta session alone was fairly brutal as I did a strip set after my 4 sets of 6 rep on 4 exercises (2 super sets), but then I had to go and do the following workout finisher. This was a BIATCH to complete!!!

Descending Metabolic Pairing

Chin Ups Paired With Dips. Basically what I did was 55 reps of each exercise (55 chin ups and 55 parallel bar dips) but I alternate between the 2 exercises, starting at 10 reps for each and then descending down through the rep range until I perform 1 rep for each exercise.

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V Shape Torso!


To get a great V shape Torso you must Work your back and your obliques to a burn. This program is a great way to look great in T-shirts and incredible at the Beach.

Day 1: Weight Training

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FBI Workout

FBI Workout

It takes a certain type of individual to successfully become an FBI agent. Not only do they need to have strong mental capacities, good reasoning skills, the ability to think and act quickly, and excellent vision and hearing, but they must also be in great physical condition.

Any person who wants to apply to become an FBI agent will be put through a rigorous fitness test, and if this testing is not trained for they are unlikely to be successful. Fortunately, as long as a proper training program is sought, the test should not be an obstacle.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger's Workout and Diet


Mon, Wed, Fri

Bench press - 5 sets, 6-10 reps
Flat bench flies - 5 sets, 6-10 reps
Incline bench press - 6 sets, 6-10 reps

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The Push-Up Workout


Do This At Home

You have 10 Minutes to Complete.

1.Regular Push-ups 2x15

2.Spider Push-ups Lower into a push up while bringing your knee up to your elbow 2x16

3.Close Grip Push-ups Hands are tight to your body, just below the chest 2x12

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Arm Workout - Add 1 Inch to your Arms in 3 Workouts


Arm Workout

This program is designed to fully blast each muscle group in the arms at a time before moving on to the next.

The Tricep is the larger muscle so it is worked first, more intensly.

The Bicep is then burned out followed by the forearms.

Train Hard!!!

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P90x Chest and Back


The P90X chest and back workout is no joke! It is as intense as they claim it is, and at the same time it is fun, and radically effective!

Even as difficult as it was, Tony Horton does a great job of both motivating you to really push your limits, while at the same time encouraging you to take breaks when you need them. There are also several water breaks when you can catch your breath, and plenty of time devoted to warming up, as well as cooling down.

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Look like Tyler Durdan (Fight Club)

Fight Club

Look like Tyler Durden
In order to get that muscular and shredded look for the movie Fight Club; Brad used an intense workout routine for amazing results. His workout was characterized by focusing on one muscle group up each day, then giving it the rest of the week to recover. This is very beneficial for adding muscle mass fast, because muscles grow during rest periods and not during the actual time in the gym.

Finally, at the end of the week, he finished off with a good cardio workout. This put his body in fat-burning mode, which served to shed any extra padding that covered his muscles, giving him that chiseled look.

Here are the exercises that made up his workout. He performed 3 sets, taking approximately 60 seconds to rest between each set. Also, he used a weight that is challenging enough that to complete 15 reps (with the exception of pushups and pullups), but be fatigued on the last rep. Remember, proper form is a must!

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There are some major reasons for having a spotter at the gym, some of these are:


  • The obvious one, safety.
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Basic Circuit- Beginner

15 Minute Warm-up ; Bike or Treadmill

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P90x Shoulders and Arms


The set up of this workout is geared more towards working the targeted areas in short, 2-round bursts, rather than the longer sustained sets of exercises in some of the other workouts. The Shoulder and Arm routine is broken down into five 3-set sections, with each set containing an exercise for your shoulders, your biceps, and your triceps. What really rocks, however, is that many of the movements target more than one muscle group, and that extra bit of intensity makes a huge difference compared to doing more standard exercises.

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Circuit Guide Two


15 Minute Warm-up ; Treadmill, Stepmaster OR Bike

Flat Bench Guided Bar 3x12

Squats Guided bar 3x12

Lat Pulldown 3x12
Quad Raises 3x12

One armed Pulley Cable row attach a handle on the machine pulley at elbow level when your arm is down, stand shoulder with apart and row with one arm pulling your elbow back, while keeping it tucked into your body

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Female Workouts


The difference between a female workout and a male workout is.. Nothing!

Alot of women do not understand this.

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Arnolds Workout


Arnold Schwarzenegger’s workout

During this program you must also do 10 minutes of abs each day.

Since you'll be working each body part once every three days, this ensures that you are allowing enough time for a full recovery.

This is how your week’s layout will look:

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Guide for big legs.


The main reason why people have small legs is because they simply don’t work out their legs enough. Our bodies are divided into two parts, upper body and lower body.

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Intense Medicine Ball Workout


The Medicine Ball Workout

Complete the following Exercises with no rest!!! Push-yourself onward!

MB Overhead Squats 20
MB Double Crunches 15
MB Side Lunges 10 Per side (hold ball to chest-side step lunge)
MB Woodchoppers 10 per side (striaght arms- swing med ball to left ankle then extended above right shoulder)
MB Squat+ Chest Press 20 reps
MB Around the Worlds 10 Full Rotations
MB Torso Twists 20 Reps ( Shown in picture)
MB Ball Pass Legs to Arms 10 reps


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Cable Workout Upper Body, Superset

This Cable guide allows a power workout using just the cable machine and variety of attachments.

Average: 3 (1 vote)

Freeweight Guide 1 Upper Body - Superset Training.

This freeweight Upperbody workout should fatigue and shock the upperbody muscles after 3 sets of specific exercise.

Average: 3 (1 vote)

Freeweight Guide Upper Body - Superset Training.

This workout guide will build significant rock hard muscle if performed three to four times a week along with continious stretching. The program works 2 exercises at a time one after an other.

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