Fiber is a complex carbohydrates and natural polymers, their are two main types of Fiber Soluble (found in fruit, beans, food gums, oats, ect...) Insoluble (found in cereals, ect...). Probably your best source of fiber is in Fruits and Vegetables.

Soluble Fiber: is responsible for binding cholesterol. (ie: soluble fiber will reduce cholesterol and other blood fats)

Insoluble Fiber: increasing fecal bulk and frequency.

How Much: You should be talking in about 25 - 38g of fiber a day. The average Canadian generally only take in about 4.5 - 11g a day.

Benefits: Fiber lowers the levels of cholesterol thus protecting against coronary artery disease. Also, Fiber helps prevent Diverticular Disease, Hypercholesterolemia (leading to heart disease and stroke Cancer of the colon), Diabetes, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Constipation, Hemorrhoids’, Varicose Veins, Ect...

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so would you be able to

gaz 1988's picture

so would you be able to tell me witch is better for weight lifting and to loose some weight? thanks

hey, theres no really better

arm88's picture

hey, theres no really better fiber for weight lifting, but insoluble fiber is better for losing weight.

It also makes you belly a

joaquimpatricio89's picture

It also makes you belly a little more flat because it helps your intestine not get constipated. If you eat a decent amount of fiber daily, you will have less "processed food" to dispose and thus having a flat belly.

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