Catabolism: The Importance of Eating


A Catabolic state, opposite to an Anabolic state, is the process of breaking down food and nutrients. For every action within the body, there is a opposite reaction. In order to grow, we must breaking something down first – we can not grow form nothing. For example, in the gym we breakdown muscle, and rebuild it later, with rest and nutrition.

How it Works?
This process occurs in the body on a daily basis. Food enters the body and converts into smaller nutrients releasing energy through the oxidation process; this helps to properly maintain and build muscle activity through the synthesize of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Many ATP molecules combine giving cells the ability to transfer energy from the Catabolic process to the Anabolic process – the rebuilding phase.

Why is this Important?
The human body needs nutrients (both micro and macro) to rebuild and grow muscle. If the body is deprived of nutrition, then it will target essential fatty acids and muscle for energy – making it impossible to build muscle.

The Anabolic state occurs during rest, when provided with proper nutrition. If you are finding it difficult to gain muscle, most likely you are not getting enough rest or nutrition. We do not grow in the gym; in fact, the gym promotes a Catabolic state – the breaking down of muscle. It's the rest and nutrition we get after the gym that promotes Anabolic growth.

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