Breathing Exercise

Breathing Exercise


  • Lie flat on your back and pull up your knees, heels as close to
    the buttocks as possible. Knees and feet together.
  • Place right hand on your abdomen, near the navel. Left hand up
    place about one feet away from your body
  • Make the abdomen rise up as you breath in and fall as you breath out.
  • Stop chest from moving
  • Start with three seconds, gradually increasing the count to
    maximum 8 seconds.
  • Both inhalation and exhalation must be equal counts
  • Repeat 10 times - maximum 30 rounds between all pranayamas


  • Kyphosis
  • Recent abdominal surgery and inflammation


  • Activates the abdominal organs and provides a gentle massage
  • Releases flatus and good for constipation
  • Reduces fat in the abdominal region
  • Helps in respiration and relaxation
  • Useful in insomnia
  • Good for Cardiac patients (inferior venecava and aorta are relaxed)
  • Normalizes the blood pressure
  • Reduces the stress and calms the mind
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wow, solid post, thanks

dylan's picture

wow, solid post, thanks aishvayra!

cool, I didn't know any of

justin's picture

cool, I didn't know any of this, thanks for sharing.

thx. for theory ... a little

dawid_vip's picture

thx. for theory ...
a little practice - Eye-wink

Are there any other

wellwisher's picture

Are there any other Limitations than mentioned. What about the persons having low or high blood pressure. Is is suitable to do this?

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