Ab- Blitz Workout


If you want to get good abs, instead of doing abs at the of your routine-Dedicate a specific day to just Abs . A proper warm-up is required.

Warm-up: Treadmill: 2 mins Walking
8 mins Jog
2 mins Fast Run
1 min Walking
Total: 13 mins

  • Bicycle:3x20
  • Hanging Leg Raises ( hang from a Roman Chair or Holding overhead on bars, raising knees up): 3x12
  • Exercise Ball Crunch:3x12
  • Vertical Crunch (legs point up to the wall hold them there come up square): 3x12
  • Reverse Crunch (lets bend up at 90 degrees then slowly lower until heels touch and back up): 3x12
  • Fast Biscycle Crunch: 3x50
  • Ball Pass legs to hand (lying flat exercise ball between legs, ams extended over head, Ball the ball to your arms, extend your arms back and legs down, bring the arms and legs together for the legs to clasp the ball, repeat) : 3x12
  • Crunches: 2x20
  • Medicine Ball Crunches: 3x10
  • Plank(foramrs and toes holding you up, hips low, hold): 2x 40 seconds
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