Dylan Hickey's Trained Client Guides

In here you will find a list of clients that have been personally trained by Dylan Hickey. All these guides have been approved by FWG employees, feel free to leave comments on any of the guides. If you wish to be personally trained by Dylan Hickey or another FWG Employee please sign up and pm us, or contact us directly here.

Rachel Zaharik's Bikini Bod Workout


This program is a Full body Workout Preformed every second day.
It Focuses on;

Strong legs
Toned Arms
Core and

The Program

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Max - Program 1

July 25th 2009: 174.8lbs

Body Fat Measurements:
Bicep: 6
Tricep: 6
Oblique: 15
Scapula: 13

10% Body Fat

Measurements " :
Arms (no flex): 12.5

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Mitch Lims Lean Muscle Guide

Trained by Dylan Hickey

This Guide is designed for Mitch Lim, aimed to shred fat and tone up muscles. The Guide is a Full-Body workout with Two components A and B. Cycling between each.

Performed in sets of 3x12

    Workout A

    Workouts are performed in sets of 3x12 (unless stated differently) resting 25 seconds between sets

    Warm-up: Step Master 5min Level 8
    Bike 15min Level 11
    165+ BPM before working out.

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Michael Watts-

Chest/Shoulders/Triceps/Dynamic Abs

1-Arms Push-up on bench
MB Half Moons

Reverse Incline Pull
Choppers on MB

Overhead Barbell HOld (wide stance)
Crunch Elbow Drop

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Client guide for: Peter Van Straaten

Trained by Dylan Hickey

This is a 4 Week Program for one of my clients, Peter Van Straaten. This workout is targeting weight loss, metabolism boosts, & muscle definition.

Supersetting is an advanced training method in which you do two exercises, one after the other, with no rest in between. The exercises can be for the same muscle group or two different muscle groups, depending on your goals. The idea is to do one exercise and, instead of resting and doing another set, doing a different exercise and alternating those exercises for your desired number of sets. This will keep your heart rate up, stripping the fat from your body and replacing it with pure muscle!

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CJ Fullbody Workout

Full Body Workout -1

1 Leg Push-ups
Mountain Climbers

Knee Pump Lunges 20 lbs
Body Rows

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Brittany Hebenton - Body tone program


This program is to be performed every second day with exercises performed in 3 sets of 12 repetitions.

Lat Pulldown 40 lbs
Exericse Ball squats 15 lbs

Cable Row 40 lbs

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Robertas Perfect Posture and Tone-up Program


This guide must be performed every second day. On the rest day cardio is strongly recommended even if it may be a 15 minute run in the morning or at night.

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Nery's Lifestyle Change


Nery in order to reach your goals there are rules we must follow. The First and most important... you already know;

Nutrition: Eating small meals, small portions, 2-3 different items, 3/4 of a cup to 1 cup of each item. NO MORE. Try to eat 6-7 times a day.

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Katrina Wall - Weight loss and Body Tone


Katrina due to the restricted time-line (Nov.17th) your commitment is Essential.
The first thing you need to do is go on a Low-Carb diet;

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Danny's Ross's Shredder Workout

Trained by Dylan Hickey

This Guide designed for Danny Ross is a combination of superset and combo-motion mixed to form a grueling TOTAL BODY WORKOUT In just 3 weeks of commitment, proper nutrition and grinding hard in the gym, you will begin to feel as if Everything in your life has suddenly become Easier.

This guide is performed on a Day On and Day Off program. Cycling through workout A and B.

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PERRY- Bodyweight Program

Warm-up 20 mins
Reps and sets 3x12

Assisted Dips
Assisted Pullups

Body Weight Rows

Back Extension
Lateral Supinated Shoulder Raise

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Chris Cafferky

Program 2

4 sets of 10 reps

Upward Chest Fly 30 lbs per side
Elevated push-ups close grip 8 per side

Kettle Bell Single Arm Thrusts, 25 lbs, 35 on last set

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James Hacking's Self-Revolution Program

Trained by Dylan Hickey


Step Master 5mins Heart Rate 175 bpm
Bike 10mins


Pull-ups : Guided Bar 120 lbs

Leg Press 240lbs

Shoulder Press
Bicep Curl

Bench Press
Dead Bug

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Jeff Finley

Fullbody Program #1

Sets and Reps 3x12

Squats 205lbs
Lateral Delt Raises 8lbs

Lat Pulldown 110lbs
Plated Push-ups 45 plate

Cable Row 90lbs

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