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Interview: David Lee Perez & his amazing Body Transformation

David Lee Perez

Recently Free Workout Guides has had a chance to interview David Lee Perez. David has recently gone through a total body transformation. In the interview we discus his training routine, dieting, motivation, and much more.

This is the first of many interviews to come on Freeworkoutguides.com. If you would like to be interviewed or share your story with us please get in contact with Justin or Dylan or e-mail us at info@freeworkoutguides.com.

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How I lost 27 Pounds, in 2 months!

Justin Cut
Hi Guys / Girls

Recently I've decided to upload a few pics from my current weight loss progress. So far I've lost 27 pounds, Over 14 inches off my body, including 4 from my waist line. Best of all I did all this in 2 months time.

So Since a few of you are curious in how I'm doing this so fast I'm going to write a brief description of the changes in lifestyle, diet, training, ect.. That I've gone through to achieve such cuts.
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Top 12 Ways to Lose Fat, (not Muscle!) by Max Wettstein

Max Wettstein

Looking to get ripped for the summer? Right now is the perfect time to start and Max Wettstein's Top 12 Ways to Lose Fat is a great way to get started.

Max sets the standard for other models to step up to. This is because Max is reliable, consistently 'photo ready' in appearance, (lean, tan, etc.), and always on time. Max maintains a clean, drug-free, lifestyle and a body-fat percentage of less than 6%, year round - an essential quality for any professional fit-model.

Read More if you want to find out how you could be ripped just like max.

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How You Get LEAN - Seriously LEAN!!!

Sexy Female

OKAY, so you want to get LEAN, but you’re confused about what you need to do in order to develop a LEAN body. Well here’s an acronym I like to use for the word ‘LEAN’ that you’ll find very useful and easy to remember.

L - is for Lifestyle
E - is for Exercise
A - is for Attitude
N - is for Nutrition

Lifestyle must be addressed. It’s not just about exercise and nutrition. Time management, stress reduction, quality sleep and sleep patterns all play a vital role.

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Fartlek Training - Hardcore Cardio Training on a Track.


Looking to get your butt kicked at the track? You have to try this new style of training. It's called Fartlek Training, sounds weird right? Give it a shot, let us know how it worked out for you.

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Back to the Gym Workout


This workout is designed as a circuit... jumping from one machine to the next getting a full body workout. It is performed in a 3 sets of 15 per machine to re-tone the body and create a layer of lean muscle to prepare for more advanced programs 2 weeks down the road;

Start with a 15 minute warm-up on a bike or treadmill.

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